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Rules and Security for Apartment Briancon


These rules are for your own safety and the security of the apartment. You have given us a small deposit which will be used for any small damages. Under French Law you are also responsible for the apartment you are staying in. Any negligence on your behalf leading to fire, flooding, theft will be reported to French, Uk and English authorities and you will be held responsible.  This could include leaving the apartments unlocked, or the fire un attended.  - so please treat the apartment as if you were at home ;)


Do not climb out of Windows or over External Fences


You are very high up in Apartment Briancon and we have secured the apartments with fences. If you climb out of windows or over fences you could fall pretty far onto concrete - don't do it.


Do not leave Anything on the wood burner


Do not dry socks or put anything on the wood burner or heaters. The wood burner gets red-hot and will start a fire and damage your stuff.


No smoking inside


Please smoke outside, if you smoke inside we will smell it and will charge you.


Skis and Boots Downstairs in Ski Room


The wooden floors are damaged easily and are expensive. Do not ever put skis or boots in the apartments.


Keep Outdoors outside - wear indoors inside


Again the floors are pretty delicate, so put your slippers on.

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